What We Do

Akimika is an international chemical specialties supplier.
Because we understand the challenges of modern procurement,
we deliver a high level of service and support our clients into their aim of performance improvement.

Industries we serve:

Chemical specialties for Oil and Gas, Basic Chemicals, Fine Chemicals

Our team members are experts in these markets and thanks to our very efficient, long term established and trustworthy exclusive partners network, we will be able to answer most of our clients’ demands in terms of chemical specialties.

On the other hand, our preferred partners network allows us to propose a fully tailor made R&D and production service.

Chemical Specialties for Catalysts - Precursors

We have got a long time experience in the chemical specialty catalyst market. Thus we are able to meet the requirements our of high standard clients specific to this particular industry.

Thinking out of the box is also on of our motto. We fully understand that catalyst industry faces complex raw materials purchasing process and we are focused in developing , in close cooperation with our partners,  the best way to bring them certainty.

Chemical Specialties - Pigment Precursors

We are supplier of precursors used into these industries demanding high level of quality and service.

Because our clients’ end users are active in top markets like aeronautics, defense, electronics, we closely support them on the long run into their development projects

Chemical Specialties - Corrosion Inhibitor

Akimika proposes a comprehensive range of chemical specialties (raw materials) and is active into both industrial water treatment and sewage water treatment.

Our product range (non-ferrous based products, benzotriazol, tolyltriazol) can find also a wide range of applications into the industrial effluents treatment and industrial care.

Chemical Specialties - Fertilization

As people always looking for new developments, our team will carefully look at each demand of a product or service a customer will ask us and would not be into our market segments range.

We serve provide quality chemicals for the following markets:

  • – Animal nutrition, Automotive, Cosmetics,
  • – Dyes, Electronics, Fertilizers, Fireworks, Inks,
  • – Pharmaceutical, Surface treatment, Textile

Who We Are


Akimika is specialized in the supply and manufacture of chemical precursors and raw materials for industrial markets.

Our team of experts has a long experience in bringing the best to customers: tailor made services, secured supply chain and a wide range of possible developments.

We provide more than quality chemicals; we will bring you certainty and sustainability.

Akimika is part of the SAP France Group, which has significant experience in industrial distribution.

Vision & Mission

Our aim is to be recognized as a premier chemical specialties supplier to high standards customers and support them in facing their day-today challenges in a globalized and fast paced changing environment.

Our mission is to provide high quality, sustainable and competitive services to our customers. We provide strong support to them by helping them in turning their projects into industrial reality.


Our team is made of performing experts whose mindset is a combination of can-do attitude & entrepreneurship spirit in order to search out the most innovative solution that will make the difference.

Akimika is more than a standard supplier of chemical specialties. In a changing world with limited  access to ressources, creating new solutions is the key to support industrial long term & sustainable development.

We support our customers in their global development through a day to day close-up relation. Our target is to improve from a standard client-supplier relation to close and trusted partners one.

We setup longterm and trusworthy relations with all of our partners and we do what we say.

Akimika cares a lot of all serious subjects that matter like child labor, workers safety & wellness, supplying materials from conflict areas…amongst other.

We ensure to work for future generations by succeeding in developing newly creative and eco-friendly services

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